Best trading platform in India? – Sharekhan Trade Tiger or Zerodha Pi ?

Fellow Traders & Investors,

My vote goes to Zerodha Pi and following is a comparison and my basis for considering Zerodha Pi as the best trading platform in India. There are certain pluses TradeTiger has over Pi, but overall after using both for the last few days, I think Pi is better.

Check this link to compare Sharekhan vs Zerodha in terms of everything else.

There are currently only these two contenders for the top spot. India Bulls was a close contender to be part of the top 3, but considering how disinterested the promoters are towards stock broking I have left them out.

Resource Management

Memory usage : Pi uses 1/3rd of what TT does.

Memory usage

CPU usage: Pi is generally lesser than TT

CPU Usage

Bandwidth/Network Usage: Usage of Pi is lesser than TT

Network usage


Multiple Marketwatch: TradeTiger has an option to add multiple marketwatches, on Pi the workaround is to use workspaces.

Tradetiger multiple marketwatch
Workspaces on Pi

Adding scrips: Easier to add scrips on Pi vs TT

Adding scrips on TT
Adding scrips on Pi


Intraday data: TT has it only for the last 30 days. On Pi you can pull upto 365 days and more (maximum of 20,000 candles).

Historical data: TT has 10 years whereas Pi has for 5 years.

Time frame settings: TT scores over Pi, you can switch from one time frame to other quite easily. New charts have to be opened in Pi.

Indicators: Pi has 80+, whereas TT has 16+. Pi has more indicators and also has the crosshair function

30 days intraday data on TT
upto 20,000 candles – 365 days or more of intraday data.

Trading from the chart: feature available only on Pi.

Trading from chart on Pi

Number of charts at one time:

TT: Maximum 5 charts

Pi: Maximum 12 charts

Maximum charts: 5 on TT
Maximum charts: 13

Option Calculator

TT has it whereas Pi doesn’t as of now.

Price alerts

Straight forward in TT, a little complex on Pi, you have to use expert advisor or scripted alerts. The advantage with Pi though is that the scripted alert/expert advisor can be used not just for price, but for any technical analysis based strategies. You can have multiple expert advisors searching and scouting for trading opportunities. You can also create consensus report using multiple EA’s.

Price alert
Scripted alert/expert advisor on Pi
Consensus report using multiple EA’s

Research calls and reports

Sharekhan has an active advisory desk, which gives out research reports which are accessible on TT.

Since Zerodha doesn’t do any research, you can’t see any fundamental data on Pi.

Overall after using Pi for the last week alongside TT, I think it is better overall. So my vote is definitely with Pi for the best trading platform in India.

Empowering Indian retail investors/traders.



21 thoughts on “Best trading platform in India? – Sharekhan Trade Tiger or Zerodha Pi ?

  1. What are the online option brokers in India that allow trading in Option strategies such as Butterflies, Calenders etc…

    1. Unlike in the US, option strategies as such are not recognized by the exchanges. As in, you can’t directly place order for a butterfly, etc. Only calendar spread, that too only for futures is allowed.

    No Logs or unanswerable bugs in the software.
    in pi.if server gives you blue balls you dial 08040402020(always unavailable).
    In TT you do the same from multiple optional servers available.
    Who Would like to risk the trade which matters from tick to tick for a software which doesnt even have proper backup for emergencies,which most often happens with Pi.
    This is a genuin remark being prone to both the softwares otherwise I appreciate the brokerage as well as other tools provided by Zerodha.
    Duely awaiting your response.

    1. I have personally not faced a server issue on Pi, but yeah I think Zerodha should do something about their call center numbers. Very tough to get through those during busy hours.

      1. pi is advance, but it has lags, software crash problem,worst customer service, u can not take risk of of your money on a software which is under development, lacs or crore of rupees on bet.

        and one thing, no one of professional trader use artificial intelligence, its like a toy in the stock market, there more softwares here like ami or ninja, they use those , pi is a riskey software, when pi down, kite was als down, and cc also, if u have to square off a order, what should you do? if you r best in technical analysis though u will be helpless.

        personally use pi, but did not do a single trade on there platform, i will never do, its more important to protect capital, and maintain profit, in past there more and more trader investor made themselves rich with give past brokerage and taxes, thats not matter, rupees 20 brokerage per whatever amount you will trade is a hallucination of mind, nothing else.

        be a genuine trader, stock market is not gambling, do not use those kind of software to add a extra headache o mind, anyone who want to do business with stocks,derivative, they can afford those laptop/desktop configuration to run trade tiger , thats not a issue, its not like rendering a big file on a workstation, be simple, be wealthy, if you loose your winning game over a software , its ……………

    1. Open charts with not too much data on it during market hours (<2000 candles) on Pi. I have seen that if you open a lot of data on chart, system can hang especially if it is not a very powerful system.

  3. really sry for commenting separately again and again.any specific reason for you to use blue theme of i would also like to follow you?

  4. We can open maximum 10 charts at one time on tradetiger.
    Moreover, it has lots of useful tools to do the technical analysis on chart. Now they have chart book feature as well. In every TT version , they are lunching some new ultimate features with free of cost.

  5. Well,

    Before Criticizing the post (which seems to be very biased towards favouring Pi),do not why, i would like to inform that I have accounts in both Sharekhan and Zerodha !!

    I use Zerodha for placing orders (to save onto brokerages) and use TradeTiger (Sharekhan Charting platform )for my trade analysis…..

    Even , when I had opened account with zerodha I had felt that Pi would meet the charting needs also but I was taken back….

    In comparison ,to tradetiger —Pi has to go a long way !!

    Tradetiger is far more advanced and robust -The charts move and change smoothly ….

    I like this website !! but if the reviews are biased.- there is no point reading other posts as doubts starts coming

  6. Trade Tiger has better features than Zerodha. Trend lines drawn on higher time frames can be replicated on lower time frames. Pi is extremely poor when it comes to trend lines. Indicators are also better in Trade Tiger than Zerodha. Zerodha is an incomplete platform as even the basic features are not robust. Trade Tiger has robust basic features. Trading can be done from the charts in Trade Tiger as well. Yes brokerage charges are a bit higher in Sharekhan compared to Zerodha which is the only downside.

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