Hello traders & investors on Indian exchanges

Hello Friends,

I have traded, worked, and consulted for a few of the biggest brokerage firms in India and have also spent some time researching to put up our website Comparebrokerages. I intend to bust many myths that you as a retail trader/investor might have on the entire broking system in India. 

The idea is to also make sure that you are aware at all times on what is happening at your brokerage.

  • Know if there is an option where you can switch for lower costs.
  • Track the financials of your brokerage to ensure that if they are in trouble as a business, you can take necessary action.
  • Know about all the hidden charges.
  • and a lot more…


2 thoughts on “Hello traders & investors on Indian exchanges

  1. Hi.. Every good article on charges like stamp duty and turnover ones. Keep up the good work.. Appreciate some article, on IPOs what role brkers play and some dos & donts.

  2. I once had IIFL account then nifty lot size was reduced by exchange and they purposely did not educate customer and were charging huge money on per lot and they literally looted customers that time. I made 3000 profit on one transaction and IIFL brokerage was close to 7500 as I had bought more lots.Thats it, i ended my all relationship with them despite they called many time about this 9.99 per transaction charge. coz I could not trust them any more. Now am with zerodha, they charge exact money as their brokerage calc shows. they dont cheat. just thought of educating people, not sure what their hidden agenda/charges behind this 9.99 brokerage, but be very careful with them. thanks.

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