Tempted by low brokerage advertisements?

Fellow Traders & Investors,

I was just seeing an advertisement on TV of a brokerage (Tradewalla) saying freedom from brokerage, only Rs 20/month or Rs 1950 unlimited/month.

Firstly, ensure that you don’t get carried away by just low cost advertisements, the many you are seeing on TV, google ads, newspapers and more. What you need to ensure is firstly that the brokerage is a financially viable entity, they have good technology backend, have the infrastructure to offer you support and also check for their client reviews, all of which you can see at CompareBrokerages.

Once you are done with your due diligence, ensure to check if the particular brokerage is charging low brokerage and has hidden charges in terms of transaction charges/turnover charges. Do check this blogpost.

We have made it easy for you, following is the list of all the brokerages who charge you less in terms of brokerage, but have big markups in terms of hidden costs. You might think what is the big difference between a transaction charge of 0.055% on options vs 0.08% on options, it could mean you would have to easily pay thousands of rupees extra every month.

1. Easy Tradez

2. Tradewalla

3. Trade Online Plus

4. Trade Smart Online

5. Compositedge

6. SAS Online

7. Wisdom Capital

8. Achiievers

9. Asthatrade

10. My Value Trade

11. Traders Khazana

12. Trade Jini


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7 thoughts on “Tempted by low brokerage advertisements?

  1. .SAS online is aTrue discount broker.There is no hidden charges..I dont know others.Dont write as if u have an account with every discount broker

    1. They charge transaction charge of Rs 6500 for options and Rs 250 for futures. This is almost 20% higher than what it should actually be. So this is a hidden charge.

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